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Shetland contemplates £2m LED lights revolution
October 7, 2015

The Shetland Islands in the far north of Scotland will consider whether to spend more than £2million upgrading all streetlights to LED lighting, according to a report by Neil Riddell in the Shetland News. Shetland Islands Council met on Monday and agreed to commission a fully costed report into the proposals after it was revealed … Continue reading Shetland contemplates £2m LED lights revolution

Pretty lamp shades from Scotlight Direct
October 4, 2015

Pretty lamp shades can be a crucial part of any interior design. Whether you want shades for a child’s room, a teenager’s room, a student’s university room, or an adult’s room, Scotlight Direct is the place to find them. You can buy silk shades, fabric shades, designer shades, kids shades, glass shades, and shade carriers, … Continue reading Pretty lamp shades from Scotlight Direct

Scotlight - Wall & Bathroom Lights, Ceiling Lighting, Endon, Mantra & Searchlight, Wall & Outside Lighting and much more!

At Scotlight Direct, we take pride in delivering only the best and most trusted lighting brands. If you're looking for anything from outside lighting to bathroom ceiling lights, you can rely on brands like Mantra, Endon and Searchlight.

About Endon Lighting

At Scotlight Direct, we deliver an incredible range of quality Endon lighting at amazing online prices. Endon is a brand that is known for its innovative approach to design, consistent quality and value for money. You know that Endon lighting is a brand you can trust, remaining at the forefront of the lighting industry. From contemporary interiors to contemporary style, you'll find a wide range of designs from the Endon lighting range. Whether you're looking for crystal chandeliers, table lamps, wall brackets, bathroom ceiling lights or energy efficient fittings, browse the Endon lighting range at Scotlight Direct.

Mantra Lights: the Art of fine lighting

If you're looking for designer style, Scotlight are proud to offer exclusive Mantra lights at competitive online prices. For a more distinctive, innovative edge, Mantra lights offer challenging curves and accentuated angles for statement lighting. Mantra lights are destined to be a unique talking point in any room; polished chrome, shapely curves, alien angles... you can instantly inject elegance and atmosphere with the Mantra lights range. If you want the wow factor, Mantra lights are the innovative brand for you. Shop online today, or if you have a query about our Mantra lights range, we're here to help - call Scotlight Direct on 01896 830421.

Searchlight Lighting: The Search is Over

At Scotlight, we stock only the finest lighting brands, such as Searchlight Lighting. Searchlight Lighting offers an exquisite and extensive range. Find a selection of styles from traditional to bohemian, for indoor and outside lighting solutions. Searchlight Lighting is a leading designer-led brand known for its superior quality. Founded in 1945, Searchlight Lighting has a tradition of excellence.

Wall Lighting

Lighting in all its many forms serves a multitude of different purposes, from Outdoor Lighting to bathroom lighting; there is no place where this wondrous innovation cannot be displayed. Gardens and walkways are just two examples of places that you would not generally associate with lighting but the range of outdoor lights available is growing day on day and cannot be ignored. For the vast majority of people ceiling lighting and spotlights are by far the most popular choice as these particular lights form the mainstay of both commercial and new build premises. For the biggest range of wall lights please be sure to browse our site extensively, these in conjunction with our huge collection of ceiling lights and bathroom lights make us the only real choice whatever your requirements may be.

Bathroom Lighting

In terms of safety, bathroom ceiling lights are probably amongst the most important in any home or commercial premises. Slippery floors and electrical safety are just two reasons why this particular form of lighting must be both installed and functioning correctly. Spotlights are generally the most effective form of ceiling lighting for this particular area but there are many more options detailed on our website. Picking the bathroom ceiling lights can sometimes be problematic as you are literally spoilt for choice. Outdoor lighting, specifically wall lighting, can cause similar problems as the shape and size of the outdoor area to be lighted must be taken into account as well as any water features if applicable. Regarding water features, outdoor lights are an especially effective way to highlight this feature and enhance the overall viewing experience.

Outdoor Lighting

Aside from highlighting any garden features, outdoor lights are also a valuable source of security. Any would be burglar would think twice about entering a fully lit area in order to perform their unscrupulous nocturnal activities, so if you ever needed a reason for outdoor wall lights this is surely it. Of course all forms of lighting provide an additional layer of security especially if you are not at home; it has become almost a tradition to leave the ceiling lights on if you go out for an evening and if you have a ground floor keeping bathroom lights on is also advisable. If your property has a path or alley between the garage and the house it also makes sense to install some sort of wall lighting, this not only serves a security purpose but can also prevent you from standing in something a cat has left behind! Whatever your needs, whatever you property, some sort of quality spotlights are essential.


Although traditionally associated with TV studios and nightclubs, this special form of lighting is also extremely functional for the home or office. Mounted as wall lights or ceiling lights they provide that extra bit of light wherever you need it. Reading and computer work are just two areas where the benefit of the extra light really speaks for itself. They are also being increasingly utilised as a form of bathroom lighting as they give a contemporary look in comparison to the more traditional forms of bathroom ceiling lights. They are also particularly useful as a form of outdoor lighting, when installed within a property's perimeter these outdoor lights can literally make a person jump when activated, a night time deterrent of the highest order. Although not generally associated with the more conventional wall lighting systems they can and do provide that extra element of light when needed, dark stairwells in commercial premises are a good example and can be invaluable in case of fire. (Providing they are backed up by an emergency generator) From bathroom lights to security lanterns we really do have the lot, call us today and add something extra to your home or business.

Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lights are easily the most utilised lighting in the world, with the exception of the most remote places on earth you will see these installations absolutely everywhere. They are present in almost any room of any description and are common in bathroom lighting systems as well as a fixing point for spotlights. As bathroom ceiling lights, spots have revolutionised the bathroom, not only are they extremely functional but also provide an element of contemporary style and can provide an alternative from the usual wall lighting options. Our collections are suitable for both new build developments and commercial refurbishments and are sure to give any building a lift both in terms of appearance and functionality.

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