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Bell Lamps and Lighting

For nearly 100 years, Bell lighting has built a reputation for itself as the UK’s leading source for high-quality lighting fixtures. British Electric Lamps Ltd prides itself on meeting the highest standards for consumer safety and value, which is why their manufacturing centre contains an onsite laboratory and Quality Control centre. This company gives its customers a true bargain: the best lighting at the lowest prices.

Recessed Downlighting Specialists

Every successful company fills a specific niche, and for Bell that niche is recessed downlighting. Scotlight Direct offers over 20 unique recessed downlights, each of which contains many useful features. These downlights are fire rated, which means they are certified fireproof, they are dimmable, and many can be tilted. This gives you the most options and the best peace of mind.

Awesome Options

Scotlight Direct is happy to bring you many awesome options. With a variety of tints, bulb types, sizes, and more, you are guaranteed to find the right option for you at Scotlight Direct. We are sure that you will fall in love with your new lighting by Bell. Choose from the following great categories:
-Golfball Lamps
-Candle Lamps
-Recessed Bathroom Lights
-Gls Lights

There are so many choices for you to pick from that you can’t help but be pleased. Enjoy shopping for Bell lights from Scotlight Direct.

Built to Last

Due to the rigorous testing and exceptional engineering of Bell’s lighting designers, Scotlight Direct promises that lights manufactured by Bell are the cream of the crop; they are built to last. These lights are the most fuel efficient, durable, and create the most beautiful light. These bulbs will light up your world for many years to come.

Bulbs for Any Lamp

Because Bell offers such a wide selection of bulbs, you will definitely find the perfect bulb for your lamp. Whether you need 40W, 28W, 18W, or any other specification for your specific fixture, you can find a bulb from Bell at Scotlight Direct. Not only do these bulbs produce beautiful light, but they are also durable and the best price on the market. You can never go wrong by shopping for bulbs by Bell at Scotlight Direct.

We Are Here To Serve

Customer service is our top priority, which is why we promise you that we are here to serve you. No matter what you need, we will always go out of our way to help. Whether you need help finding the perfect bulb, installation, or anything else, please call our team of experts and they will do everything that they can to make your day. Scotlight Direct is committed to making online shopping fun, safe, and easy, so that you can enjoy your time. Thank you again for shopping at Scotlight Direct!

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Customer Review

I just wish to say thanks for the excellent service I recently received. The order I made from you a couple of weeks ago was the first time I have used you. And the service was most impressive for a 'warehouse' style shopping experience. I will be looking this way again for my hall lights! Thanks again.

  5/5 stars   I Collins  27/11/10
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