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How to make your rooms look bigger

By Andrew Fraser on 07.29.2014 in Bathroom Lighting, Scotlight Direct, Wall Lights , , , , , , ,

We all want to live in a bigger house but not all of us are able to!

Instead, why not follow these simple tips on how to make your rooms look bigger by using some clever lighting tricks?

rooms look bigger

These techniques are affordable, stylish and effective, and sure to make your rooms look bigger!

Mirror lights

Mirrors are the classic, tried-and-tested way of making your rooms look bigger. They are particularly effective in small rooms like a bathroom or a toilet but living room and bedroom mirrors are still very popular too.

By reflecting the room back towards you they create the illusion of more space and can also make your rooms brighter.

The backlit mirror from Endon, pictured above, is a great example of using mirrors and lights to create the impression of space.

Wall lights

rooms look bigger

If space is limited then it doesn’t make sense to use what you have for things like floor lamps and table lamps.

Instead, go for wall lights.

They will keep your precious floor space free and therefore make your rooms feel and look bigger.

The example pictured above is a 2-light chrome wall light from Oaks Lighting and is available from the Scotlight Direct online superstore.

Make your lights into features

Instead of filling your rooms with ornaments and trinkets, why not make your lights BECOME your ornaments?

rooms look bigger

Your rooms look bigger with fewer things in them, so if you invest in a beautiful table lamp like the one pictured above it can provide light and decoration at the same time!

For more lighting tips on how to make your rooms look bigger, and to view our online lighting superstore, click here.