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How to save money on electricity bills

By Andrew Fraser on 08.21.2014 in Ceiling Lights, Floor lamps, Scotlight Direct, Table lights, Wall Lights , , , ,

Tops tips on cutting your energy bills

As energy prices seem to get higher and higher, people everywhere are asking how to save money on electricity bills.

How to save money on electricity bills

There are various ways that you can reduce your energy bills, some of which are really cheap and simple.

Here are our top three tips!

Put on an extra layer!

It might sound like something your mum and dad would tell you as a child, but in the 21st century it can sometimes be easy to be a little bit spoiled!

Of course there are times when it’s necessary to put the heating on, but before you do make sure that you really need it.

One of the best ways to save money on electricity bills is to put on a jumper, a vest, a pair of slippers, an extra pair of socks or a blanket.

Save money on electricity bills

This way you save the heating for when you really do need it and save yourself some cash at the same time.

Make sure you switch everything off

Another really easy way to save money on your electricity bills is to make sure that you switch off things you aren’t using.

Avoid leaving televisions or computers on standby, don’t leave the heating burning if you are leaving the house, turn off lights when you leave the room, and defrost your fridge/freezer when you go on holiday, for example.

Nobody wants to pay for things that they aren’t even getting the benefit of!

Invest in energy saving light bulbs

A typical energy-saving light bulb will cost you around just £3-£5 and will typically last up to eight times longer than a standard light bulb.

Save money on electricity bills

More importantly though, you’re asking how to save money on electricity bills?

The energy-efficient bulb pictured at the top of this article will reduce power consumption by around 70%, while the bulb in the middle of the article can produce the equivalent light output of a standard 75W at a fraction of the consumption.

And the ultra mini spiral light, directly above, achieves full brightness in just a few seconds, so no need to compromise on quality.

To find out more about energy-efficient light bulbs and how to save money on your energy bills, click here to visit Scotlight Direct