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Three crucial safety tips for bathroom lighting

By Andrew Fraser on 11.23.2014 in Bathroom Lighting, Ceiling Lights, Scotlight Direct, Wall Lights , , ,

When installing bathroom lights it is extremely important to make sure that you follow the correct safety advice and procedures.

Scroll down for top three tips on bathroom lights safety

Safety tips for bathroom lighting

Your bathroom is a wet, damp, humid place and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that electrical appliances and fittings don’t usually go too well in wet, damp and humid places.

That is why bathroom lights are specially designed for the purpose and come with specific guidelines so you can avoid any nasty accidents.

Scroll down for top 3 safety tips for bathroom lighting

Safety tips for bathroom lights

Here are some top safety tips for bathroom lights.

Top 3 safety tips for bathroom lights

  1. All bathroom lights come with a safety rating which gives you information about how suitable they are for different zones in the bathroom. This is called an IP rating. The higher the rating the more protection the light has from the effects of water and steam. Any light that is going to be inside a shower cubicle or above a bath should have an IP rating of at least 65.
  2. The main bathroom light will usually be switched on with a chord. If you do have a light switch, make sure it is outside the bathroom. Switches and water do not mix!
  3. Always seek professional advice when installing or designing your bathroom lights. Professional electricians can advise you on safety and help you pick the lights that are best for you. At Scotlight Direct our expert sales team are always on hand to offer advice and safety tips for bathroom lighting.

Bathroom safety tips

So if you are planning a bathroom makeover any time soon, contact us at Scotlight Direct and we can help you every step of the way.

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