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Have you caught the lighting bug yet?

By Andrew Fraser on 09.12.2016 in Scotlight Direct , , , , , , ,

Lighting is often something that you don’t notice but once you have caught the lighting bug there is no going back!

In sport, they say that a good referee is one that you don’t notice. This can sometimes be the case with lighting too.

Lighting bug

It  is true that bad lighting will instantly catch your eye, but if the lighting is perfect it can do its job without you even realising.

If you know what to look for, though, it is really easy to catch the lighting bug!

Good lighting can transform your home, office, garden or natural environment. It can accentuate features, create an atmosphere, highlight items, allow you to perform tasks properly, contribute to an interior design or act as a work of art in its own right.

Once you have seen what lighting can do you will definitely catch the lighting bug yourself!

Lighting bug

As  lighting technology continues to improve it opens up whole new possibilities of what can be achieved. Lights are now cheaper and more environmentally friendly to operate, and they come in more styles, designs, shapes and sizes than ever before.

The fittings can be small enough to be almost totally obscured from view, or large enough to make them major design features in the room.

We have created a series of lighting guides to help demonstrate how lights can transform each room in your home, from your kitchen to your bathroom, your living room to your bedroom, and your garden to your office.

At Scotlight Direct we want to encourage you to catch the lighting bug, so we offer a Price Promise whereby we agree to try to match or even beat the price of any product you buy from us if you can find it cheaper anywhere else online.

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