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Ceiling pendants: From traditional to ultra modern

By Andrew Fraser on 09.27.2016 in Scotlight Direct , , , , , , ,

Ceiling lights come in all shapes and sizes but among the most popular and fashionable styles at the moment are ceiling pendants.

Ceiling pendants from Scotlight Direct

Ceiling pendants are suspended from the ceiling and hang downwards. They are often circular or oval in shape, although there are a whole host of different designs available including triangular, multi-armed and chandeliers.

Ceiling pendants


A small selection of them are pictured in this article, but you can see the full size and scope of the selection by visiting the Scotlight Direct homepage and searching for ‘pendant’ in the search bar at the top of the page.

Ceiling pendants are great for most rooms in your home but they also great for businesses, offices, shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.

The style pictured below, for example, is typical of the sort of design you might find in a classic American diner, but it would work just as well as the centrepiece of a child’s bedroom or hanging above the bar in a trendy pub, for example.


Ceiling pendants


Ceiling pendants are just one of the many ceiling lights that you can find at Scotlight Direct. In our extensive online superstore you will also find:

  • Ceiling downlighters
  • Ceiling spotlights
  • Chandeliers
  • Bedroom ceiling lights
  • Bathroom ceiling lights
  • Kitchen ceiling lights
  • Non-electric ceiling lights
  • Flush ceiling lights

Ceiling pendants work best in rooms with high ceilings. This is because they are suspended from the roof and hang down several feet, so if you have low ceilings you might find that you bang your head on them!

If you would like to find out more about the suitability of ceiling pendants for your own home or business, contact our team of experts.

With decades of experience in the lighting industry between them, including everything from design and installation to sales and customer service, our team are perfectly equipped to advise you on any query you might have.

You can also find out more about how to use different types of lights in each individual room in your home by reading our fantastic free series of lighting guides, which give you hints and tips on how to light your home.

You can buy ceiling pendants online today by visiting the Scotlight Direct online superstore.