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Dining room lighting guide

Dining Room Lighting

Sitting down to a good meal with family or friends is one of life’s biggest pleasures and if you are lucky enough to have a dining room you can make the experience even more special by using dining room lights to create just the right atmosphere.

Traditionally, opulent dining rooms have used expensive fittings like chandeliers but modern technology means that these lights, that were once the preserve of the rich and famous, are now widely available at much more affordable prices.

This short but helpful guide will give you hints and tips on dining room lighting to make sure that you find the right fittings for you, at the best prices online. You also might find some useful information in our kitchen lighting guide.

How to use chandeliers in your dining room


Dining room lighting will usually revolve around a strong centre-light in the middle of table that not only provides functional lighting but also creates a great focal point. Decorative chandeliers look great and are generally fitted with dimmers that allow you to create a relaxing mood.

When considering chandeliers for dining room lighting bear in mind that they tend to work best in rooms with relatively high ceilings. For an 8 foot ceiling-height the chandelier should hang approx 30 inches (76cm) above the table. For each additional foot of ceiling, add an inch to the height above the table. In terms of size and proportion, when hanging a chandelier above a dining table the chandelier should be 6 inches (15cm) narrower than the width of the table.

If chandeliers are not your thing, a rise-and-fall pendant, a single ceiling pendant or a multi-arm ceiling pendant can be used as great alternatives.

Top tips for lighting your dining room

realistic LED candles

This centre light will be the main focus of the room, but you should still add other layers in order to give you more options and help create the right atmosphere. Wall lights and portables, like table lamps on a side-table or a floor lamp in a dark corner, for example, increase your options. This will help create a more casual atmosphere when entertaining.

Candles are also traditionally found on dining tables and you can use realistic LED candles as a safe, odourless and permanent alternative to real candles. These are ideal for romantic meals with a partner or special occasions like Christmas dinner or Sunday lunch.

For many people the dining room is the hub of the home, where hundreds of happy memories are made. It is really important that you get your dining room lighting right, so if you have anything you’d like to discuss, contact us and speak to our team of experts who will help make sure that you get the perfect fittings for your own individual needs.

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