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Double insulated lights (class 2) help guide

Double insulated Ceiling Light

Double insulated lights (sometimes known as Class 2 lights) are lights that don’t require an earth wire. They are most commonly found in older properties, those built before or during the 1960s, which are not earthed.

Most modern properties are now earthed but if yours is not it can mean that the only alternative to double insulated lights is a complete rewiring of your home or office by a professional electrician. This is often not practical or affordable, so double insulated fittings are an efficient short-term solution.

All the fittings from Scotlight Direct that are class 2 double insulated are suitable for installation in properties that don’t have an earth wire. This means they can be safely installed without an earth and help protect against hazards like electrical fires and electric shocks.

What makes a double insulated (Class 2) lights safer?

Double insulated Wall light

A double insulated light usually has two layers of insulating material which covers the live parts of the fitting, like the cables for example. This means that in the event of a fault developing the extra insulation prevents the fitting becoming live and reduces the risk of electric shocks.

Is there an alternative to using double insulated lighting?

The only alternative to double insulated lighting in an unearthed property is to pay an electrician to re-wire your home or business premises. A re-wiring will replace some or all of the wiring of your house. Although this process is more expensive than buying double insulated fittings it is important to balance the cost against any future problems old wiring can cause. If your wiring is outdated it can become unsafe and could end up costing more in the long run to identify and fix faults that keep occurring.

LED strip lighting

How do I know if a fitting is double insulated?

The vast majority of light fittings are known as class 1 which means they require an earth wire. Fittings which don't require an earth wire will always be marked as class 2 and / or double insulated. You can also look out for the double insulated logo which is a black box inside a black box (as shown at the top of this page).

Where can I find more information about double insulated lighting?

If you are unsure whether all or part of your property has an earth wire we always recommend contacting an electrician for further advice. At Scotlight Direct we have a quality team of electricians and customer service advisers who can give you top-class professional advice.

If you require any further information on our range of double insulated fittings please feel free to contact us.

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