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FirstLight Lighting

FirstLight has become a well-known brand over the last 35 years, and they are constantly looking to improve, innovate, and spread their reach to markets all around the world. Based locally in the UK, FirstLight is on of the finest examples of light engineering available; their exceptional products are made using the highest quality materials and are crafted for remarkable durability. On top of this, they are amazingly affordable, which means that you can find the exact product that you are looking for at Scotlight Direct!

Modern and Traditional Options

Every taste is sure to be satisfied by the extensive range of products that FirstLight produces. These include both modern options, innovation designer models, as well as more traditional, classic styles. Many types of lighting exist, and FirstLight somehow specialises in all of them. It is truly amazing the wide swath of aesthetics that FirstLight creates, which means that you are absolutely guaranteed to find a light that you love today.

Awesome Selection

Scotlight Direct is proud to bring you a huge selection of these amazing lamps; our stock includes over 500 unique items! This range of special lighting fixtures is spread across many categories, including:
-Modern Ceiling Lights
-Outdoor Wall Lights
-Modern Wall Lights
-Traditional Ceiling Lights
-Bathroom Wall Lights

Whether you are lighting up your backyard, your bathroom, or any other space, you can find the perfect light from FirstLight at Scotlight Direct! Enjoy browsing our awesome collection of top of the line lighting fixtures.

LED Lighting

FirstLight offers many of their products as LED varietals, meaning that you can save on your energy bill, replace the bulbs less often, and do your part to protect the planet. LED lighting is called the way of the future because of its amazing efficiency and longevity, and you can reap the benefits of this by purchasing LED lighting by FirstLight.

Choose Your Style

In addition to broader categories like indoor/outdoor or modern/traditional, the style of FirstLight products extends into all sorts of shapes, colours, designs, and applications. From chrome to black to white and everything in between, you can find any coloured lamp that you so desire. You will love shopping for just the right lamp for you at Scotlight Direct, the world’s best place to find lighting fixtures to match any taste and budget.

Our Customers are Our Priority

Scotlight Direct always puts our customers first. We go out of our way every day to make your day, whether that means employing an expert team of customer service professionals that are always eager to attend to your every need, or shipping your new lighting fixtures safely and free of charge direct to your door. We want you to love your shopping experience at Scotlight Direct, so please contact us for any reason and we will do everything in our power to help you in any way possible. Thank you again for shopping at Scotlight Direct!

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Customer Review

Hi, I ordered two light fittings from you a couple of weeks ago. I would just like to congratulate you on your quick and efficient service. I tried to order online but did not want to pay using Paypal so I telephoned my order through the following day and paid over the phone by credit card. I was promised a callback to confirm I was ordering the correct items which I received very shortly afterwards. Then, after being advised by email of their despatch, I received the fittings a couple of days later. They are now up and look great and we saved a total of £70 over the price in our local "wholesale" electrical outlet. Well done and keep up the good work!

  5/5 stars   M Dunn  27/05/09
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