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Searchlight Lighting

Searchlight Electric is one of the most recognised and respected brands in the world of lighting and has been supplying its innovative, stylish products to interior designers since 1945. Scotlight Direct is proud to be able to offer an extensive range of contemporary Searchlight Lighting products in our collection.

The company supplies not only lighting but an impressive range of shades to complement. Their products encompass the whole history of lighting, from classic chandeliers to sleek and minimalist ultra-modern designs. Hanging ceiling lights, fixed, free-standing floor lamps and table lamps are all available within the Searchlight Electric range.

Because of the huge selection of options, furnishing a home’s main living area can be finished perfectly by choosing from the many Searchlight ceiling lights to be complemented by matching or contrasting wall lights. With so many different products, so there is a multitude of different ideas to really bring rooms to life.

Searchlight Electric employ their own team of designers to produce more than 400 new products every year so you are sure to find a style to decorate your home with. Where these talented people really impress is in the range of Searchlight floor lamps. These clever designs are often works of art in their own right, but never forgetting their role in illuminating either small or large areas of a room, highlighting important details or wider areas for your interior design needs.

One of the most exciting highlights in the Searchlight Electric range is its floor lamps. The minimal Arc Arm lamp, for instance, available in satin silver, antique brass, and chrome finishes has been designed to make its stand have as little impact as possible, as though the lamp is hanging in the air. This is already viewed as a modern design classic.

The Searchlight products available from Scotlight are made from practically every material you can think of. Crystal, acrylic, steel, chrome, and of course glass are among the choices of construction materials, with a choice including all levels of intensity from soft candle glows to the intensity of modern LEDs.

Any setting is sure to be improved when choosing from this massive selection, offering the choice of mixing traditional and modern to great effect, with recessed ceiling or wall lights sitting comfortably with stunningly designed modern crystal chandeliers, classic table or floor lamps.

All of Searchlight Electrics products are constructed to the highest standards, using many years of experience coupled with the latest technology and production methods, as are all of the products in Scotlight’s catalogue. They are produced not only for their stunning appearance but from robust materials to offer a long-lasting reliable lighting option. All products available from Scotlight have a minimum of one year’s guarantee included. Delivery is free to all addresses on the UK mainland for all orders over £75.

Scotlight Direct’s customer service is second to none and we regularly receive many testimonials and 100% ratings from customers.