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Designer Table Lamps

A great way to add interest to any room is by incorporating a designer table lamp into the interior design. From the classic, modern, to the latest contemporary designs, Scotlight Direct has the most complete selection to suit complement any room design. All the designer table lights in our range have been carefully chosen from the world’s most respected and admired designers and manufacturers, so you are sure to find the right kind of statement table lamps to fit with your home design plans.

High-end modern lamps are an area where interior designers love to show off their skills and we carry a huge number of stunning original designs as well as traditional lamps in classic brass and ceramics. All the designers producing the lights in our catalog are experienced in the industry and have the dual advantages of coming up with new ideas as well as having the ability to make them work and fit into a number of both domestic and commercial environments. The statement pieces that they produce are objects that are admired on their own, as well as providing versatile illumination options. It is this combination of cutting-edge ideas with traditional production methods that makes these lights so desirable.

Our range of exclusive table lamps has been chosen carefully to offer a wide choice of price, size, and materials. Mantra has one of the most original collections of designer table lamps, always with something a little quirky or boasting attractive features that will be a superb addition to any room design. The company’s lamps are available in chrome, black, acrylic, antique brass, and even gold leaf that begin with classic designs then give them a highly original twist.

Developments in design in other areas of decoration – furniture, wallpaper, even curtains – all affect the design of lighting, so the up-to-date feel and look of many of the designer table lamps and contemporary bedside lamps available show the influence of design in other areas. This allows them to fit seamlessly into many different and varied settings to complete the look of a particular room such as the bedroom and really show off your statement table.

As with other products from Scotlight, our designer table lamps are offered with a large choice of brightness, materials, especially glass, featured in frosted, white opal, and other attractive alternatives. Whether the room needs something solely functional or one or more statement pieces, we are confident that we have the finest choice of designer table lamps from the world’s top lighting designers to decorate your home.

The manufacturers that we have carefully chosen for our catalog select only the best materials for their pieces and employ the most up-to-date technology and methods to provide long-lasting, reliable lighting products for any setting such as the living room.

We think our customer service is second to none and many customers offer unprompted 100% positive feedback on both our products and deliveries. We provide a minimum one-year guarantee on all products, free delivery in the UK mainland on all orders over £50. This is why we are the country’s leading suppliers of lighting products for the home