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Desk Lamps

Good desk lamps are an essential component of any well-lit modern home. Whether you plan to use it for lighting up your desk as you work in your office, illuminate the pages of a good book from your bedside table, or shine a light on a work of art in progress in your studio, Scotlight Direct stocks a large variety of desk lamps to decorate your home with and ensure that you find a lamp that is a perfect fit for your interior design requirements. You will find everything from classic steel desk lamps to contemporary and traditional designs that will accentuate the most fashionable décor—and, of course, all at the lowest prices on the market. Our full range of cheap desk lamps can be found on this page.

 While all desk lamps serve a similar role and can be found on desks nightstands, and in the living room across the world, we understand that you are looking for much more when purchasing a lamp. We provide desk lamps made from all different materials, such as steel, antique brass, satin chrome, and more, as well as many of the UK’s top brands, like Dar Lighting, Searchlight Electric, and Endon. LED lamps are available for those looking to reduce their energy consumption and improve the longevity of their electronics.

Office Desk Lamps

To add style to your home office or to impress your coworkers at the office, we offer many interesting, chic designs such as the gently curving adjustable desk lamp, and the minimalist, antique desk lamp. These lamps are sure to add a touch of personality to your workplace, all while offering impressive functionality that will extend your productivity for as long as you wish. Focus on the task at hand by purchasing a brass desk lamp for your office or cheap desk.

The Right Lamp for the Job

Because we understand that having the right tools for the right job is everything, we stock over 150 desk lamps from which you may choose. Whether you require one that bends along its entire spine, has a few joints, or is completely rigid, you will find the right desk lamp for you at Scotlight Direct. We even offer lamps that clip onto furniture for maximum flexibility and even still have older styles such as the halogen desk lamp in the bedroom. Our lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits just right on your desk or bedside table.


Because of the high quality and brightness of these products, we are certain that these products are built to last. This is why we offer a full one-year guarantee on your purchase of any of these desk lamps. They will serve you well for years to come.

Excellent Customer Service

At Scotlight Direct, the customer and interior designers always come first; it is our mission to bring you the perfect lamp at the best price by the most convenient method. This is why we offer fast and free shipping that will bring these desk lamps directly to your door, hassle-free, as well as a one-year guarantee on all of our products. We are absolutely sure that you will love having these products light up your home and office, so we go to every length possible to make sure that you have the best experience possible.