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Downlights You Can Rely On

Ceiling downlights fill a role similar to ceiling lamps; instead of hanging down in a room, they are recessed into the ceiling. It makes them ideal for decorating smaller spaces with a lower ceiling clearance or pursuing a clean, minimal look.

LED downlighters from Scotlight Direct are the perfect way to balance lighting in residential or commercial rooms. Crystal downlighters are also incredibly popular amongst interior designers because they are energy-efficient, rarely require changing bulbs, and create a pleasant lighting effect.

Fire Rated & In Stock

These brilliant recessed downlights will wonderfully illuminate your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else you decide to install them including downlighters in kitchen.

Our wide array of downlight fixtures includes single light versions and ones with multiple lights per fixture. Downlighters LED and spotlights are perfectly suited to rooms with low ceilings or where space is at a premium.

In many cases, they are flush to the ceiling or recessed into a cavity, meaning that they take up next to no space in your rooms. Recessed or flush downlighters and spotlights will be out of harm’s way in rooms like a kitchen or bathroom where you perform important tasks and do not want any chance of a collision with a light when you are showering or reaching up high to shelves, for example.

Even those downlighters which are bracketed rather than recessed or flush are compact and discreet, giving you great ambient and task lighting in a practical yet stylish way. Both styles are suitable styles for downlighters in the kitchen.

LED Recessed Lighting

Downlights LED fixtures are incredibly popular because they are energy-efficient, rarely require changing bulbs, and create a pleasant lighting effect for your interior design. LED downlights are ideal for both modern home designs and commercial applications.

Our selection of over 50 unique ceiling downlights will contain just the right model for you. Scotlight direct offers many colours such as brass downlights, chrome downlighters, black downlighters, and many contemporary, antique, and traditional styles.

Scotlight Direct is guaranteed to have you covered. And, of course, we have great LED downlights uk for any budget.

High-Quality Downlights For Washing Walls

Because our products come from the best sources, we always offer a one-year full guarantee on every sale. Our way of ensuring that all of our products are durable and built to last. We are sure that you will love these high-quality recessed lighting fixtures.

Customer service is Scotlight Direct’s top priority, so we make every effort to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

How Do You Install Downlighters?

Downlighters are easy to install and make a great addition to any home. We have a few tips to help you with your installation.

– First, choose the right location for your downlights. You will want to consider both the function and the aesthetics of the lighting when deciding.

– Next, mark the spot where you will be drilling the hole for your downlight. Use a level to make sure that you will install your downlight straight.

Drill a slightly smaller hole than your downlight’s diameter, which will ensure a tight fit. Each downlighter will come with a recommended cut-out size which you will find in the instruction manual, and some ceiling downlighters come with a cut-out template.

– Finally, insert your LED downlighters into the hole and twist them into place.