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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are one of the most versatile lighting products, being portable, adjustable, and able to either complement or take the place of a living room main ceiling light to great effect. While planning to decorate an entire room such as the bedroom, it is often a good idea, to begin with the lighting and plan everything else around it. Using the flexibility and brightness of floor lamps will help provide ideas that interior designers or homeowners may not have thought of before.

There is a great amount of choice available when choosing a floor lamp for your home. One of the most important considerations for floor lamp designers is stability and there are many types available, such as contemporary tripod floor lamps and stick floor lamps as well as the traditional solid bases. Designers weigh their creations carefully so that they are stable as well as providing the right amount of light at the right height.

One of the most alluring innovations in modern floor lamps is to use more than one light on the same stand, so light can be directed to different areas of the room from one source. This idea is used very cleverly in Dar’s lights that feature a main lamp with attached reading light. Both of the lamps on this unit can be dimmed and directed independently of each other.

It is this kind of innovation and free thinking that sums up the entire range of floor lamps that Scotlight has in stock. Uplighters, downlighters, and multi-bulb floor lamps are available, crafted in brass, wood, steel, chrome, and antique in a huge amount of colours that will excite and help keep any room bright and inviting. Styles such as an antique floor lamp ensure all styles and tastes are catered for.

With the majority of our designer floor lamps, it is clear that they have been made to make a statement. Some of the most striking designs, from top manufacturers, Searchlight Electric, are designed with an impressively minimalist stand, to give the stunning effect of the light hanging freely in the air. It is this attention to detail in the products that we supply that makes our range so popular, with floor lamps and other products that are a delight to have in the home and can be trusted to keep on working.

We only select products from manufacturers who are committed to using top quality materials and the latest technology and production techniques to create lighting products that will be a delight to own, enhance any setting and carry on working for many years.

We know we have great customer service as so many customers send positive testimonials and messages of thanks, giving 100% positive feedback on both our products and delivery. A minimum one-year guarantee on every product, free delivery in the UK mainland on all orders over £75 and has made Scotlight Direct the country’s leading suppliers of lighting products for both domestic and commercial use.