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Semi flush ceiling lights are an ideal lighting solution for rooms with a lower roof. They offer a compromise for items fitted flush to the ceiling with little or no suspension and full-size hanging lights that require a higher ceiling. A flush ceiling light is typically less than 350mm in height, which means it can hang from a lower ceiling without being intrusive or dangerous.

How bright should a ceiling light be?

How bright a ceiling light should depend on the space you are trying to light. Brightness is measured in lumens, and we recommend 20-30 lumens per square foot; however, areas such as the kitchen and bathroom require a higher lumen output at 90-100 lumens per square foot.

Whether you have large statement lighting, small chandelier, or semi-flush light fittings, ceiling light clear, most can be dimmed if necessary, which means you can purchase brighter lamp bulbs with the option to dim your semi-flush ceiling light. Using a semi flush crystal style can also help amplify the light output. 

How do you light a room with a low ceiling?

Semi-flush mount lighting is ideal for providing a decorative flair and warm, welcoming interior space. These low-profile semi flush lights are also well-suited for rooms with low ceilings in smaller dining rooms, or a hallway area where they can put out plenty of light without being an eyesore like some other fixtures might be in your house.

Because these types do not take up much room when installed (that’s why it’s called a flush ceiling fitting!), there will always be enough light left over on either side so that you’re not walking into a dark hallway!

How low can a semi flush light be?

Low ceiling lights cover an extensive range of options for lower ceilings. Depending on the brand and lights semi-flush ceiling design, these can sit very close to your ceiling if needed, or with the features that most ceiling lights semi have, they include a small rod that hangs the fitting slightly lower. Arm ceiling lights are a great way to bring light to a room.

What are the lights that are flush with the ceiling called?

The quick answer is they are called flush ceiling lights or semi flush ceiling lights uk. Usually, they come with glass shades and are a perfect way to light low ceilings.

They also come in various stylish colours such as chrome, gold, semi flush antique; semi flush matt, brass lighting, crystal semi flush, ceiling light chrome, and metal finish that suit any decor. With all these options, you will be able to find your perfect semi-flush mount easily. 

Other considerations when purchasing a semi flush ceiling light?

There is a lot of information out there on flush ceiling lights. If you have come this far, you will know by now that semi flush ceiling lighting is great if you have low ceilings.

You might be asking still, will this light be suitable for my room? We have answered some of the top questions to help you find the perfect solution for ceiling lights semi-flush.

Is a light for a low ceiling dimmable?

Yes, a glass semi flush light fitting is usually dimmable and needs to be paired with the appropriate switch and dimmable lamp bulb, but you do need to double-check the product specification of your arm ceiling light. 

Most contemporary semi flush ceiling lights have this capability and will work well in any home! Dimmable is seen as an essential option in lighting a house now. If your new LED semi flush style has a dedicated built-in LED you will need to check if this is dimmable. 

How do I tell what size of lighting to choose for my bedroom?

It’s important to know the right dimensions for your light flush ceiling to fit properly and securely. Make sure you check the sizes of your semi flush fitting before purchasing.

First, make sure you have at least 1.8m-2.2m between your floor and ceiling; this will determine what drop will suit the room. If the uplighter has glass shades, these usually hang lower via an arm semi flush which sometimes suits a dining room more. Once you know the overall height, you can deduct the size of the modern semi-flush ceiling lights to get an idea of how far this will dropdown.