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These elegant Tiffany ceiling lights, featuring high-quality metals and hundreds of pieces of beautifully stained glass, add class and style to any room. Whether you hang it in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or living room, these stained glass ceiling lights are perfect for adding a touch of refinement to your home. Interior Designers love using Tiffany-style ceiling lights as they provide a great way to provide a modern touch to your existing traditional home.

Real Tiffany Glass

Renowned for the excellent craftsmanship of their stained glass, Tiffany and Co have produced high-quality luxury items since 1837. These ceiling lights were carefully crafted by their artisans, and present you with the opportunity to own your very own piece of functional stained-glass art. Connoisseurs around the world recognise the quality of antique Tiffany glass, and much of Tiffany’s work can be found displayed in museums. These extraordinary light fixtures required many hours of skill-intensive labor to complete because, as pieces of Tiffany glass, they are held to the highest standards in the industry.

Highlight Your Personal Taste

The way that you decorate your space is a personal reflection on yourself, so, by installing a tiffany flush ceiling light in your interior design process, you show an undeniable cultivation of taste. Your friends, family, and guests will certainly be impressed by the magnificence of this art. It perfectly complements the style of your interior decorating by illuminating your home in a contemporary style. Tiffany Lights are instantly recognisable and at Scotlight Direct we offer the full range, including the tiffany ceiling light which is also available in flush ceiling option. 


Because of the fine craftsmanship of these pieces, we are certain that these products are built to last. This is why we offer a full one-year guarantee on your purchase of any of these colored glass pendant lights. Furthermore, the beauty of these Tiffany lamps is timeless; they will never go out of fashion and, no matter how you decide to redecorate in the future, these ceiling lights will always be in vogue. These lamps are guaranteed to become precious family heirlooms.

Fast and Free Delivery

For your convenience, we will carefully ship these products right to your front door within days, all free of charge. We value our customer’s time and understand that you are busy with your work, hobbies, and family, so we always strive to make our transactions as agreeable as possible. We know that home decoration is supposed to be fun, not a chore, so we provide excellent service to make this a guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are positive that you will love your new ceiling light for your bedroom, which is why we always offer a thirty-day peace-of-mind full refund policy. If, for any reason, you decide that this tiffany ceiling light is not quite right for you, just send it back in good condition and in its original packaging, and we will refund you the total cost of the order, including the original delivery charge.

We know that you will love your new Tiffany ceiling lamp for years to come, and that you will spend much time with your loved ones admiring its beauty, style, and sophistication that our stunning range offers. Add elegance by buying a tiffany ceiling light today. With so many Tiffany ceiling options available at Scotlight Direct is the best place to buy Tiffany Lights.

Buy Your Flush Ceiling Tiffany Light

The lighting in your home makes an incredible difference when it comes to the comfort and style of your living space. One of the most important attributes to make a room feel warm and inviting, both to your family and guests, is a flattering and well-balanced lighting system for your ceiling light. That is why these Tiffany lamps stand head-and-shoulders above the rest: the warm, gentle light emitted from styles such as a Tiffany pendant light illuminates the love and care that you put into decorating your home, but does not compromise on brightness.