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Tiffany Lights have earned their reputation amongst interior designers making some of the finest light fixtures on the market. Because of its high standard of quality, the Scotlight Direct tiffany collection has delighted our customers for over 20 years with its elegant craftsmanship. All of these lamps are sure to add beauty and style to your interior design decoration. Lighting your home should be easy and with such a wide range of modern, traditional, and antique options at Scotlight Direct you are sure to find a style of Tiffany lamp that you love. 

Set the Mood with Tiffany Lighting

These classic pieces are sure to add brightness, and sophisticated touch to any room. They offer a soft, warm glow that perfectly complements art, furniture, and collectibles. Add a vintage touch to your décor by purchasing one of our many options, including ceiling, wall, floor, and table lamps. You are sure to find the perfect lamp suited to your specific requirements. We bring you the very best in Tiffany Lights for your home and we are sure our range can fit your needs. Our customer service team are always available to help you when choosing your lights. 

The Perfect Lamp for You

Here at Scotlight Direct, we offer an extensive designer selection of Tiffany Lights so that you can find exactly the right one for you. From classic to contemporary, warm to soft colours, and simple to elegant arrangements, we ensure that you will find just the right lamp to match the décor of your room. Our lamps come in all shapes, colours, and sizes: the best selection that the market has to offer. Just some of the

Tiffany lighting that we stock include:

  • Tiffany Floor Lamps
  • Tiffany Ceiling Lights
  • Tiffany Wall Lights
  • Tiffany Table Lamps
  • Tiffany Non-Electric Shades

Handcrafted Artisan Glass

Tiffany lamps are renowned for making the highest quality stained glass that the world has to offer because of their immaculate attention to detail, the high level of skill of their craftsmen, and the excellent quality of their luxury materials. Each piece of glass is individually cut and arranged by hand, which is why every Tiffany Light is a piece of art in its own right. Tiffany glass never goes out of style; its beauty is timeless. You are sure to admire your Tiffany glass for many years to come.

Style and Sophistication with Tiffany Lighting

Just like how you dress is a reflection of your inner self, similarly, the way that you decorate your home is a presentation of yourself to the world. By choosing to decorate with Tiffany Lights, you show your friends, family, and guests your immense style and sophistication; you are choosing to adorn your space with a functional piece of art that will be appreciated by everyone. Because the beauty of a Tiffany Light is undeniable, you present yourself as a person of great taste and refinement by proudly displaying your tiffany lamp in your home.

Tiffany Lights from Scotlight Direct

Scotlight Direct is thrilled to offer you the widest selection of Tiffany Lights at the lowest price on the market. We stock an array of wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps that are suitable for every taste and occasion, which is why we are known in the UK and around the world as the best place to purchase lights. We know that you will love our Tiffany Lights as much as we do.

Tiffany Lamps 

Whether you are looking for wall lights or ceiling lights you can trust Scotlight Direct when it comes to Tiffany Lamps. Our Art Deco collections have a wide range of stained glass and combine this with our huge range you will not be left disappointed. Another popular range is our Tiffany Wall Lights collection which is accompanied by both table lamps and floor lamps and all feature the classic colored glass that you find with the ceiling lights as well.

Scotlight Direct really does have a huge range to choose from and will bring some vintage charm to your home with a tiffany lamp. Shop our large range and add to your shopping cart for the fastest delivery of ceiling lights, wall lights, and floor lamps. Our coloured glass range of floor lamps for example offer a perfect way to light up your room and provide a warm atmosphere to your home.