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Traditional Wall Lights

The traditional wall lights collection here at Scotlight Direct offer a fantastic selection with a huge variety of materials and fittings. Wall lighting which include everything from double insulated wall lights to bedside lighting. Some have glass, traditional lampshades and others offer switches and pull chords to give you full control of different light levels. Not only do traditional wall lights help with creating an ambiance in a period home, they can also make the modern home more elegant and stylish.

With so many traditional wall lights to choose from, where should you start?

Choosing the right wall light for the job does not have to be complicated. There are a few ‘need to knows’ when it comes to positioning and fitting the lights:

• Up lights provide a wash of light up a wall, suitable for accent and atmosphere. This can instantly change the mood of the room.

• Down lights may accent walls too, but more commonly illuminate the ground below for a practical purpose. These are commonly used to light up workspaces for example in kitchen work top areas and study or utility spaces.

• Reading and swing arm lights have adjustable components that can bring the light to you. They give you the option to move the light to exactly the right point for you. Again these are ideal for use in study areas or beside a workspace. Ideal for reading lights.

• Bath and vanity lights are designed for even, glare-free illumination. These can add warmth to a cold space and can provide light over dressing tables and vanity units.

• Picture lights and spots can be used to draw attention to beloved pictures and artwork. This can add atmosphere and can highlight single points of interest in a room.

Alongside ceiling lights, wall-mounted fixtures provide supplemental illumination, while using wall lights in place of overhead spots. Wall mounted lighting creates a more atmospheric effect and can alleviate glare. It works brilliantly displayed beneath a picture, sculpture or other architectural detail. All benefit from wall-mounted spots.

A general rule to positioning Wall Lighting

You want to get the most out of your wall lights, for this placement is key. A good starting guideline is to hang them at approximately eye level. Position them approximately 5.5 to 6 feet apart. Although the height of your ceilings and the size of the fixture will come into play it is important to keep in mind that whatever height you hang your wall light, you should not come eye-to-eye with an exposed light bulb. This is of course with the exception of stylized fixtures such as Edison element style light bulbs that feature decorative bare bulbs.

Wall lights are commonly used in hallways and corridors; this can always incur a problem. You really don’t want your hallway looking like a runway if too many lights are installed. One fixture every 8 to10 feet should be adequate, though you may want slightly more or less space depending on the lumen output (i.e.) brightness of the lights and size of the room and fixtures. Staggering the lights so that they don’t line up across the hallway is a more natural configuration. Of course, fewer or more fixtures can be arranged for a decorative statement.

It is also important to consider how far your fixture protrudes from the wall:
Narrow halls, stairwells and rooms with heavy traffic near walls are best served by fixtures that keep a low profile and are positioned at the correct height. There is nothing worse than walking into a light fitting in a power cut!

ADA compliant fixtures are a great option because they’re no more than inches deep. These are often much slimmer thanks to the improvements of using LEDs providing maximum clearance and more efficient light.

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Customer Review

Just a quick note to say thank you for the lights, delivered yesterday morning. They look just as I hoped. I appreciate your good service and for keeping me fully informed.

  5/5 stars   B Taylor  18/04/12
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